Uhp Alarm Clock

An alarm clock with social shaming

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Haha love all these cruel alarms! Added to Cruel Alarm Clocks collection!
lol I get that they want to promote their app on social but for the success scenario no one wants a timeline full of "I got Uhp on time today!" tweets
@bryantpeng I totally get it. Those social shares are 100% configurable though and they don't require us, BeauxApps, to be tagged. We have one user who is in college tweets at his mom to tell her he got up in time for class!
@bryantpeng And another user told us that she motivates herself to get up by putting something embarrassing in the "If I don't wake up on time..." category.
Love it! Afraid to use it...
I wish I had this app to get me out of bed this morning!
@jcg85 Thanks, Joe! Snippit is a hot app too. Been using it for some time and love it!