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See if an email is being tracked before you open it in Gmail

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Yesterday, @percival spoke my mind: Rational or not, I lose a little trust when receiving a person email from someone tracking opens and clicks. I pay attention to these things. πŸ˜ƒ
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@rrhoover I turned off images on every client :( I understand why companies and marketers do this but don't think it's necessary for more casual email conversations from friends/colleagues.
@rrhoover do people really do this? I guess I'm stuck to the old, passive-aggressive, read notification request :)
@rrhoover @giordanobc To be fair, I have Signals installed on my Chrome, and it's on for every single email. For those of us who have a sales job, it's really important for our work, which may be a small fraction of the emails we send. To turn it off for the vast majority of emails I send would be impossible -- I would never get anything done. In contrast, other occupations such as developers and designers don't need this tool to be successful at their jobs. So, do you think it's really fair to judge people just trying to make a living with the skills they have? :)
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@percival @rrhoover Being someone who a) has a tracker running by default and b) has had multiple email conversations w Ryan I can only say some of us use tracking for work, and its more of a pain to swap out tracking from one email to the next, than just have it on. Granted I don't really care about most of the info collected. I need to know if a client or prospective client has opened an email (or a contractor). Someone asks for more info on a project and I send it to them, or I send a list of deliverables I'm waiting on, I need to know when to follow up. I suppose one good options for these email tracking companies would be to let the user (me) white list people so you never have to think about it? So sorry it looks like I'm tracking you Ryan. I really don't mean to. If only there were better ways to respond to emails. A checkbox that says "I've read this and don't need to reply" or "Favorite" or "On hold" that's also reflected in the sender's email box. Email needs a major overhaul in so many ways.
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@percival @rrhoover Do you feel the same way with read receipts in iMessage? Read receipts for me make chatting with someone way better. (And just to head off any trolls with that most common critique: yes, I'm fine if I see someone reads my message but didn't respond.)
Realization: sometimes, the easiest way to prompt a reply is to rapidly refresh/open an email they last sent you and set off their email tracker 10 times
Hey Guys, I am the author of Ugly Email. I am excited about being on Product Hunt. If you guys have any questions, suggestions or just want to chat. Feel free to @ me :)
@sonnyt What about Mixpanel or Intercom? Will customers get notified by Ugly Email when a business utilizes a tool like that to track customers' lifecycles? Or is it dependent on the tool used to track (only works with Streak, Yeswear, etc.)?
@mstopham Hey Lana, nope it's not dependent on any tool. There are so many pixels out there, adding them one by one. Soon I will add a suggestion box on the site so people can help me discover more pixels :)
Fan of not being tracked in general conversation as well. Also, helps identify the posers that try to sell etc non stop.