Discover new places, meet explorers and inspire friends

Hey fellow hunters! I am the maker of Uggozi and really psyched today to introduce it to all of you! In Uggozi you can discover new places, meet explorers and spread the wanderlust to your friends by composing and sending them short and inspiring picture postcards. To create a postcard one can upload a photo or select an existing gorgeous photo of a place, add an inspirational quote or personal message to its back and send it to friends. Also set a photo as wallpaper and be inspired the moment you open your phone. It's been often said that we're 'born too late to explore the earth, born too early to explore the stars' but what if we could rekindle our innate desire to be explorers. At Uggozi we hope to do just that. One can become the 'Uggozi explorer' of a geographical location by taking the first popular photo from anywhere in that geographical location. Uggozi derives its name from the isiZulu word ugq!ozi which means collective inspiration and aptly defines our mission of making a community where travellers, explorers and dreamers can collectively inspire each other to explore this beautiful planet. In the first step of this journey we are focused on making it the most visually appealing and inspiring place to be at when you get those wanderlust pangs :) We moderate the photos uploaded so that their subject is the place they have been marked with and not an individual. The photos should somehow define the place, it's culture or people. And also to deliver the best experience on a device, Uggozi shows only the photos that will look good on that specific device. Would love to hear your feedbacks :)