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#4 Product of the DayJuly 19, 2015
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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Big fan of apps that provide immediate value without a registration "paywall". Nice job, @daveganly. 🙌
Dave Ganly
Dave GanlyMaker@daveganly
Last week, a friend mentioned he was frustrated by existing solutions for gathering groups of friends - apps required, bad interfaces on mobile web - so I created this in the last few days. Very simple, a little beta, but hopefully does the job.
Alban Dumouilla
Alban Dumouilla@albandum · CTO, NUMA
@daveganly how is that different from doodle.com ?
Dave Ganly
Dave GanlyMaker@daveganly
@albandum its much simpler, has a lot less hoops to jump through to setup and works really well on mobile browsers. That's what prompted it being made, friend was frustrated with doodle's ux.
Evan Petrack
Evan Petrack@petrev01 · People Researcher; Loves GIS & Data
@daveganly Can I just say I still use this product a ton, and it is freaking awesome man. Thank you!
David Diamond
David Diamond@david_diam · Product designer
Like meet by sunrise?
Théo Blochet
Théo Blochet@theoblochet · Product Guy. Currently @GetQonto
@david_diam Sunrise's meet wouldn't work for groups, at least for now.
Hans E Hyttinen
Hans E Hyttinen@lumilux · Lives in a future
I'm still looking for a when2meet.com replacement that doesn't have a slightly broken UX (more so on mobile devices). This is nice, but lacks the quarter-hour granularity of when2meet.
Soheil Koushan
Soheil Koushan@soheilk · Co-founder, LettuceMeet
@lumilux I know you asked this 3 years ago... but you might want to checkout LettuceMeet: https://www.producthunt.com/post... . All the functionality of When2Meet with better UX :)
keren phillips
keren phillips@kerenyp · Co-founder, CMO - Weirdly
Nice work on the UX, man! Great to use.