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#4 Product of the DayJuly 19, 2015
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Big fan of apps that provide immediate value without a registration "paywall". Nice job, @daveganly. 🙌
Last week, a friend mentioned he was frustrated by existing solutions for gathering groups of friends - apps required, bad interfaces on mobile web - so I created this in the last few days. Very simple, a little beta, but hopefully does the job.
@daveganly how is that different from doodle.com ?
@albandum its much simpler, has a lot less hoops to jump through to setup and works really well on mobile browsers. That's what prompted it being made, friend was frustrated with doodle's ux.
@daveganly Can I just say I still use this product a ton, and it is freaking awesome man. Thank you!
Like meet by sunrise?
@david_diam Sunrise's meet wouldn't work for groups, at least for now.
I'm still looking for a when2meet.com replacement that doesn't have a slightly broken UX (more so on mobile devices). This is nice, but lacks the quarter-hour granularity of when2meet.
@lumilux I know you asked this 3 years ago... but you might want to checkout LettuceMeet: https://www.producthunt.com/post... . All the functionality of When2Meet with better UX :)
Nice work on the UX, man! Great to use.