Simple tool for finding bottleneck and optimal metrics value

Hi, Product Hunters!

I'm Daniel, founder at ueCalc, the framework, based on the unit-economics, which allows you to evaluate what tasks you need to do first.

Key features:

— Fast search for your business model’s bottleneck

— Optimal configuration of metrics for your business model

— Basic and Mixed model calculations

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Mikhail Erman
Mikhail Erman@flashberry · CEO, HSE {Inc}
Great tool to choose business model for a product.
Alex Kistenev
Alex KistenevPro@sprinter · CEO of Standuply — #1 Slack Standup Bot
Awesome tool for data-driven entrepreneurs
Alexander Skurikhin
Alexander Skurikhin@obezjana · Alex, VC analyst
Wow! Now we should say goodbye to Excel )
Daniel Khanin
Daniel KhaninMaker@daniil_khanin · CEO, ueCalc.com
Hi, product hunter! This is my first time at PH. I saw many upvotes, but no one question. If you have any question or idea about my product, I will glad to talk about it with you. Thnx.