Udacity Blitz

Get software built by engineers you can hire afterwards

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Made it, Ma!
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@calialec ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘
@calialec I was glad to see you on there, Alec!
Really excited about this - not only for clients (who can get software projects built by engineers they can hire afterwards - making this an efficient recruitment method) - but also for the future of online education (where content is guided by industry and education institutions provide direct opportunities to real, paid work).
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As a Udacity graduate working on one of the inaugural Blitz projects, I canโ€™t hype this program enough. For fresh grads, it is an opportunity to apply their new skills in a professional team environment while under the guidance of an experienced Technical Project Manager. You get to work with interesting and prestigious companies to build real products that real people will use. Plus you get a great paycheck! Ticks all the boxes.
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@thisbejims hi James, what Udacity class did you take?
@wjuschin I'm a full stack nanodegree graduate.
@thisbejims Hey James, can you work remotely with Blitz ?
@m_plot You sure can, I live in Australia!
This is a pretty awesome move by Udacity. Based on their track record the last couple of months, I have no doubt they are the future of education. Hell, they could also be the present of education.
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