Android library that allows you to clip images.

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Please see our demo on Google Play https://play.google.com/store/ap...
@kateabrosimova really good library. Thanks for that! The first that I have tried that do what it says. =D We are panning to add it to the next release of our app called Thirty (http://trythirty.com)
@thiagov_amorim glad you liked it! Let us know when you launch!
@thiagov_amorim BTW your app looks amazing!
@kateabrosimova Thanks =D. as you can see It's already launched for all platforms =D
@thiagov_amorim Yeah, I noticed. Impressing! Good luck to you guys!
Good luck guys :) I'm an iPhone user and can't really say that I've tested uCrop yet... But I do love Yalantis :D
@joshsoftorino oh ... you're so sweet! thanks!
@joshsoftorino I can give you Android device ;)
@quser will I be able to understand how to use it with my "iOS vision" ? :)
Hey guys, if you wonder how you can create something like uCrop, check out our development story (tutorial) by @hugandgtfo shared on Yalantis blog https://yalantis.com/blog/how-we...
Ole! Good job guys! Keep rocking!
@antonboiko That's in our blood ;)
Great library!
@kimcy929 thanks! we're glad you like it :)