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Great podcasts player!
I'd also like to know how this is better than Downcast?
@scottwyden we work to design the best UI/UX and very configurable app
@juanjoguevara The UI in Downcast is quite awesome, so what will set yours apart from that? Can you be specific?
@scottwyden the main interface are based on grid system, more visual and elegant than a simple list. The podcast interface and player adapts her look to the podcast cover, the user can customize the interface colors, grid, etc. These are some of the features that make UCast different.
How is this better than Pocketcasts?
@stinhambo we work hard to make the most bestiful and configurable podcast App for iOS and continue work on it.
@juanjoguevara That's very vague, I'll stick with Pocketcasts which can sync podcasts across devices! Best of luck!
@stinhambo ok. We will continue work on sync across devices and many other features to make the best app
@juanjoguevara If you can sync podcasts so I only need to download once then I'd see the text as a differentiator!
Totally worth it