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Thanks Jack for the hunt! Happy Tuesday, everyone! I'm Andrea, the General Manager at UbiMeet! I was working on an web/video conferencing product and we had asked customers what their biggest challenges with collaboration were, expecting to hear "access codes" or "connectivity". Instead, we heard that meetings were a waste of time - no one came prepared, or knew what they were responsible for after the fact. So we came up with UbiMeet! It's best with your Google account, as it scrapes your calendar and lets you pull attachments right from Google drive into your meeting page so you can view and edit documents alongside your agenda. Look forward to your comments and questions! ***USE INVITE CODE PRODUCTHUNT FOR IMMEDIATE ACCESS***
@afhill Hey Andrea - what are some of the biggest challenges you've faced in building this? What is the most important unique factor that separates you from others in the space?
@bentossell the biggest challenge has been WHICH part of the problem to solve! Before, during or after meetings. We decided to focus UbiMeet on helping individuals take more control of their time in preparing for and following up after meetings. There are a lot of competitive products out there (many of which we discovered as we were already going down this path) that focus on the collaborative aspect of the meeting. We want UbiMeet to be something a person can see value in even if no one else in their organization uses it. One of the biggest product decisions we made was to allow you to create your agendas and take meeting notes in UbiMeet and then email them to others who aren't using UbiMeet. This means you have control over who has access to the information, but you aren't limited only to sharing with people who have signed up for our product. In the future - UbiMeet is a product by ReadyTalk, that does audio and web conferencing, so look for some great integrations for remote meetings!
@afhill I like that! putting it in the hands of the individual and not limiting it to a group 'decision' - but yet still allowing the group to benefit! Nice :)
Thanks @bentossell We realize not everyone is motivated to take their meetings to the next level and wanted to create a product that could serve that subset of meeting goers.
@afhill yeah I think a lot of stick is given to meetings - but like email, I don't think it is going away. I quite like having a get together with team-mates, discussing topics. As long as it is productive of course :)
Wow, this looks really helpful. Can't wait for early access...
Hey Andrea - sounds cool. How do you streamline the prep process before a meeting?
@danagibber Thanks! So UbiMeet helps promote better habits by providing a structure for better meeting success, and then timely triggers. 1. Every morning you get an email update telling you about what meetings you have coming up, including whether or not you organized them. You'll get a gentle reminder to 'prepare' if you dont have an agenda or any uploaded materials associated with the meeting, which will drive you right to the meeting page so you can get everything ready. 2. When you log into the app, you'll see a list of all your upcoming meetings, again with the reminder to prepare. 3. Preparation in UbiMeet means creating agenda items you want to cover, and associating any documents from Google drive with the meeting. 4. You can manually send the agenda to anyone you want (all meeting invitees are suggested, but you can add more names as well) 5. In 'settings', you can also schedule to receive a reminder 10 min before you meeting is about to start so that you can easily jump right to that meeting page at the time of the meeting. Hope this helps! I knew I should have done short explainer videos! ;-)
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