Ubiety Room

Turn every meeting room into a video collaboration room

Hi all, Daryl Hutchings here from Collaboration Squared. Please let me know what questions you have for our purpose built software only video conference room codec that transforms every meeting room into a fully interoperable video collaboration room Using any standard PC, Mac or even Chromebox. Thanks!!!
20% discount to all product hunters that sign up for a free trial today for Ubiety or Ubiety Room :)
The goal of Ubiety Room is not to replace traditional video conference endpoints from vendors like Cisco/Polycom/Lifesize, but to compliment them. We found that most businesses that have video conferencing had only about 10% of meeting rooms that have endpoints in due to cost, but yet the other 90% the majority have a multifunctional PC or Mac in the room connected to a display. Simply add a USB camera/speaker/mic and our software and it becomes a fully interoperable video conference endpoint. Sure we can call Ubiety Room to Ubiety Room, but the important part is also can call to/from the traditional endpoints customers already have, to/from Microsoft Lync/Skype4Business/Skype(consumer), Ubiety users, Ubiety virtual meeting rooms and even other vendors virtual meeting rooms. Meaning we can help put video collaboration in every meeting room at very high quality for low cost.
Awesome stuff. Can you now or in the future record these sessions?