Offset carbon emissions for every Uber you’ve taken

We want Uber to go carbon neutral, but until then we can help with that! UberNeutral sorts through all your Uber receipts to view total miles traveled, tonnes of CO2 to offset, total spent, total rides, and percentage of rides are UberPools.
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Hi all! @the_esc and Nicole here! We’re excited to share UberNeutral. We care about finding ways to use technology to make an impact in climate change and this is just the beginning 🌱🌎
This is awesome! Took me < 5 min to offset my Uber carbon emissions.
that was actually super easy! just had to remember to click the extension icon once i was logged in (because who is casually logged into uber.com lol) it's fun knowing how much i've spent on uber in my lifetime (before switching to lyft, which TIL is already carbon neutral). i spent close to $2k on uber rides, but my carbon footprint was only something like 0.3 tons which feels relatively low—is that pretty standard? Q: privacy? I checked the network tab and nothing was leaving my device which is great—is this open source? thanks for making! just went through and cleared my conscience with an 0.5 offset—feeling pretty wholesome this morning.
@mattgcondon Hey Matt, to respond to your question about privacy - our app doesn't send your data anywhere, it just pulls the scraped Uber ride data into local memory so that it can analyze and determine your stats and amount to offset. You can feel free to check out the code here: https://github.com/estitesc/Uber... As far as your offset amount goes: yes, it's often a surprisingly low amount. Car travel doesn't have huge emissions until you really start to add it up. Thank you for using UberNeutral and for offsetting your emissions!
Great idea! Any plans to open this up to other browsers, or as a standalone website/app at all? (Safari/macOS/iOS user 😅)
@iamsebj check out uberneutral.com/calculator. You can give some rough estimates and then offset. Basically, if you need to offset 1 tonne per every $4k you have spent on rides or so.
Wow didn’t know it was this easy to save the environment.
@davefontenot Haha. You were right. It's not. But calculating each of our carbon emitting behaviors and then purchasing offsets is one pattern of human behavior that can be a part of the solution!