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Uberchord is an interactive iOS based guitar learning platform. What’s unique about Uberchord is the patent-pending technology for chord recognition as well as the new learning concept. The app can hear exactly what you are playing through the built-in microphone, closely keeping track of your performance and seamlessly adapting to your personal progress. The app is loads of fun and also has an amazing on-boarding that is totally interactive, and unlike anything I’ve seen in this space. Also worth noting is that the Uberchord app was recently voted as one of “The 10 Coolest Guitar Gear Innovations of 2015” by the Guitar Player Magazine. P.S. According to their Facebook page, all in-app purchases are currently free until next week.
Hi Everyone! I’m Eckart, co-founder and CEO of Uberchord. We love music and are crazy about finding a better way to learn guitar and music as such. We've been working on this for years pulling countless all-nighters and are super happy to be featured here. Please let us know what you think! We are currently at NAMM in Los Angeles, if you happen to be here and want to talk, let us know! Mengühan, thanks for suggesting us!
Any plans on releasing an Android version? I'd like to check it out!
@orliesaurus We will definitely go Android, but we don't have the resources yet. Building Uberchord on iOS is already tough, but real-time audio processing on Android is not really a piece of cake. ;-)
love it! what would be nice is to play the downloaded chords in the app - meaning an open strum for alt tunings so that you can quickly get it in your head - maybe you just record little audio files or something?
@passingnotes this is a feature everyone wants — including us. Coming soon! :-)
Sweet! I'll check this out. I love that people are starting to infuse more apps and products with instruments, it's not all about dj software!! Some of us still shred ;)
@1greigcranfield Yes, there is a lot happening in our field right now — exciting times. Thanks for your support!