Uber without Internet

Order Uber when you have no internet

#1 Product of the DayMarch 05, 2017

Uber without Internet allows you to order Uber cab when you have no data (when you have no internet connection). It works without internet technology: application sends SMS to order Uber ride with no additional fee.

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Why I built this? I travel often, and I don't have internet access in every country. If we consider internet prices are higher than SMS prices while you're in roaming, this is much better for me. Moreover, I'm active user of Uber. Moreover, if we can see that most of the people doesn't have access to the Internet. However, they have access to 2G network, which is enough to send and receive SMS messages. My app already have active users from countries such as India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Egypt, etc. The next goal is to give internet access to internet-restricted countries! Let's connect the world.
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@natig_babayev do you have any plans to build a version of this for Lyft?
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@katesegrin yes, currently I'm working on it. Most likely soon I'll publish it on Google Play market.
@natig_babayev So you use SMS as a channel for small amounts of data. Love it! :)
@jeroen_corthout yes, http over sms :)
@katesegrin @natig_babayev Yup! Lyft I'll use. Uber - Nope!!
Great idea, poor execution. I think the app serves a great purpose for when you can't connect to internet. Been there done that. My thoughts, I poked around on the app and when I tapped the button to start the process to order an Uber, there was no way to get back or cancel the drive. The only options were to message or call the driver. I have an iPhone and was using a friends Android. When I tried to message or call the driver to cancel the order, it would not connect me because my account did not match my friend phone number. This might be due to the Uber API but a cancel button is necessary. Again, it's a great idea and would love to try this app after it's more polished. I would recommend setting up a way for users to test the app and give feedback before publishing. Best wishes and good luck!
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@britaingreen Thanks for your feedback : ) I agree about your thoughts. I'll push new update in next few hours with cancel button.
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Amazing idea! Uber will probably hire you now to help implementing in the real app
@danielrgfm Thanks for feedback :)
@natig_babayev Just noticed how the app logo is a sim card chip. Very cool :)
@danielrgfm yes, it is the main idea of logo to remind sim card to users :)
@natig_babayev Any plans to release an iOS version?
@danielrgfm currently I'm working on iOS version. I can inform you when it's ready :)
The video on your PlayStore listing is totally different. It's about posting a tweet. This is shoddy job.
@saifalfalah It's just promotional video that what I'm doing with NIC SDK. It's not only Uber without Internet that I'm working on right now. I'm building NIC SDK that enables you to connect any application to the Internet via SMS. So, through this I'm planning to give chance to more people in the world who has limited Internet access.
@saifalfalah Thanks for your feedback.
@natig_babayev I'm not angry. I guess emotions don't come across through text very well.
Majority of the Android phones sold in India support dual-SIM these days. So, when having 2 SIMs installed, it'd cool if you could allow SIM selection before booking a ride. Android lets users select a default SIM for SMS, but it'd be an overkill to change that from settings for a ride taken offline once in a while IMO.
@binoyxj thanks for your feedback. Good idea. I haven't thought about this part. I'll update asap :)