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How much you spent on Uber and a leaderboard

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Giordano Contestabile@giordanobc · CEO, Bloglovin'
It stopped after 40 pages and wasn't able to report my total (yeah, been using Uber a lot since 2012...)
Alexei ChemendaMaker@alexeichemenda
@giordanobc Interesting, I only got to test out 27 pages so far, and it worked fine. I'll try to fix that, I'll keep you posted. Sorry about that Giordano.
Alexei ChemendaMaker@alexeichemenda
@giordanobc What browser are you using ? Can you open the developer console (CMD + ALT + J on Chrome Mac, CMD + ALT + C on Safari Mac, CTRL + ALT + J on Windows) and send me the report to alexei [dot] chemenda [at] gmail [dot] com ? That would be really helpful. Thanks !
Giordano Contestabile@giordanobc · CEO, Bloglovin'
@alexeichemenda I'm on Chrome. You mean I should run it again and send you the report from when it hangs?
Alexei ChemendaMaker@alexeichemenda
@giordanobc if it's not too much trouble, it would help a lot. If you can't, I totally understand and I'll look into it and will try to understand what's going on. Thanks so much !
Mike Holford@mikelholford
Oh god... Would be super cool if it looked at your routes and worked out how much money you could have saved with the bus... actually screw that I don't want to see that statistic!
Alexei ChemendaMaker@alexeichemenda
@mikelholford It would be really interesting to do that actually ! We could take an average 10 minute walk max to get to the bus (ie if it's further away, take an uber). I'll put that on the wish list :) thanks for the feedback !
Anand Sharma@aprilzero · CEO, Gyroscope
Hey I'm #1 on your leaderboard. I don't know if that is winning or losing.
Alexei ChemendaMaker@alexeichemenda
@aprilzero well, that's debatable :) 1247 is a LOT of trips ! I'll agree to offer a bottle of champaign to the #1 on the leaderboard on May 1st 10AM PST, *and* if it reaches 10.000 users points. Hey, maybe Uber will want to jump in too on the gift and show some gratitude to its customers :) [EDIT] : we're at around 1000 in a few hours. Let's make it big !
Andrew Brackin@brackin · Growth at Visor
Top 10 :'(
Alexei ChemendaMaker@alexeichemenda
@brackin Let's see in a few days how things turn out :)
Kyle Hufford@kyleverywhere · Private Equity @SerentCapital
Uber will hate this, making everyone cringe on how much they actually spend. Amazing though, I always wanted to know my Uber stats, now I just want to weep!
Alexei ChemendaMaker@alexeichemenda
@kyleverywhere I actually thought about this: whether Uber will hate it or not. I'm a huge fan of Uber and didn't want to hurt the brand. I also think that if they jumped in and interacted with the customers on the platform, it could be awesome for them (add a rewards program, say Hi to these top customers, offer gifts to the top 20 leaderboard, come here comment on Product Hunt...). I reached out to them, didn't hear back (yet). Weep on Kyle, weep on :)