The app displays Uber’s current rate multiplier for a specific location, and applies a unique surge analyzer to chart how the rate has changed over a 30-minute period. Individuals can use this information to determine the best time to order a taxi.

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Quite Interesting. Can the Maker(s) elaborate - is this using Uber API / is okay as per Uber's policies (to show historical data for surge prices)? The UI looks beautiful - kudos for making it so clean.
@dotmanish Exactly. I reckon the maker has requested and now has an agreement with Uber for using its data, to make this legal.
This looks lovely. I cannot wait to see this on Android!
Are there plans to integrate past / future weather trends into the app? From my experience rain will quickly surge prices.
@danielfoster437 Hi, we have a lot of plans. But now we are waiting for review on Appstore - this is main point)
Is there any decent soul still using UBER? What a shame, man!