Uber Now

Get Uber pick up time on your Pebble Watch!

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I've written apps/faces for the Pebble before. Its actually really hard to come up with a good reason to write something for the watch that does more than tell time. Uber integration is a great idea.
@kylerstewart It's more easily to write a Pebble watchapp now (with pebblejs) maybe you should try it!
@yuluntw agreed, the new SDK and tools are awesome. I've just struggled coming up with an idea that makes sense for the platform.
I just e-mailed Zach Shih who made this project. He didn't realize it was posted to PH, so let's see if we can get him to highlight surge pricing.
it'd be cool if it could also highlight if the service currently has surge pricing :)
@_jacksmith @nzieber Hey, I am still trying out to get the surge pricing now, due to the official's endpoints required start-to-end location to estimate the price. Anyway, I will update by all of your feedback soon!
Good News! I will update Uber Now in next few hours for adding surge price! :) Any feature requests is welcome!