Uber Health

Cost-efficient, reliable transportation for patients

Uber has launched a new service that will allow hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other health care organizations to order and schedule car rides for patients. Uber is not charging a fee to use the service. The health care providers only have to pay for the ride.

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This seems way more economical — and hopefully safer — than the trend of people seeking medical treatment using Uber to get to hospital rather than calling an ambulance. Also points to the possibility of more industry verticals being targeted with the Uber Central product, which should be able to propagate similar to Uber itself, given that Uber runs on playbooks of repeatable strategies that tend to work in local markets.
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@chrismessina one night my girlfriend fell and snapped her collar bone. (we were out drinking but a drunk guy knocked her down by accident) and we Uber'd to the ER instead of calling an ambulance.
@herewegrow ambulances are so expensive — makes total sense. That said, if I were that Uber driver, I'd be freaked the fuck out!
@chrismessina How will this offering impact the uber-as-ambulance challenge?
@kkdub my assumption is that this is a service that medical providers and health care practitioners can provide their customers for routine and non-emergency transportation. It's really just allowing those folks to request rides on behalf of their patients... but with various compliance and privacy controls built in. Individuals may still call Ubers instead of ambulances, but that's a separate matter.
@chrismessina Makes sense. Regional health transit is ripe for disruption. If more patients adhere to their treatment plans we’ll probable havd less fun.
Ooofta wonder how insurance will handle this one if something catastrophic happened to the rider ala "patient" on the route.
Thought this was a way early April Fools joke then saw @chrismessina and realized it's real.
@mike_seekwell Uber moves fast, but a month early for a April Fool's joke is pushing it, even by Uber standards! 😂
It will be helpful if the patient medical, family history and med history forms are integrated with the uber app so the their clinicians can download that information as soon as they arrive... filling out forms in the clinics just have to go away!! i think integration with EHR software makes more sense.. i dont know.. im gonna go back to eating my truffle popcorn.
Maybe not obvious to people outside healthcare, but this would be used for routine appointments, for people with travel difficulties. Think community clinics, or monthly appointments for social services. I bet it will catch on, they sometimes use taxis now...