Uber Freight

Leveling the playing field for America’s truck drivers

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Sign up, human truck drivers, so we can replace you faster.
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@erickschonfeld there are 3.5 million truck drivers now who earn on average $40,000 per year. By my math it's a $140B opportunity if you replaced them all and captured 100% of the market.
@erickschonfeld that's the spirit! :D
@erickschonfeld or maybe don't signup and stop working in the business today instead of tomorrow? Steps towards efficiency leads to a unknown future, but overall better product and service.
This will really resonate with the trucking crowd on ProductHunt
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@mqsley I once was part of this and know the industry well, experience I take with me to this digital day and age!
I'll bet they won't stop at federal weigh stations, because you know, Uber.
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I used to work in this industry, first as driver for years, then as manager for a few years, onwards to the next rank before I jumped off and started my own digital business. I know everything there is about managing loads, uncertainty, unpaid waiting time and logistical elements as billing and "simply" getting paid in time. This is Uber revolutionising the long haul part of the business and seemingly they know exactly what truckdrivers value; freedom. Not freedom from work, but from everything that clutters the experience they love; driving for miles and miles. It's that simple and if Uber allows the possibility that they can go back to owning their own truck again (not sub-employed), they certainly will not let that change go easily. Good luck Uber and let the competitors roll in and change this freight market in need for a digital update for decades!
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@vegardwikeby Totally agree. I hear getting paid, and the logistics is a nightmare. If they can solve this problem, it's a huge profit for them.
Leave it to Uber to make trucking look sexy lol The many waves of technology ::sigh:: ::laugh:: ::ohwell::