Uber Freight

Leveling the playing field for America’s truck drivers


Erick Schonfeld
@erickschonfeld · Exec Producer DEMO, Co-Founder TouchCast
Sign up, human truck drivers, so we can replace you faster.
Matthew Quinn
@mqsley · COO, Flex TV
This will really resonate with the trucking crowd on ProductHunt
Doc Daniel
@prayersparkmd · Founder@PrayerSpark, NO religious agenda
I'll bet they won't stop at federal weigh stations, because you know, Uber.
Parker Woodward
Leave it to Uber to make trucking look sexy lol The many waves of technology ::sigh:: ::laugh:: ::ohwell:: https://media1.giphy.com/media/W...
Vegard Wikeby
@vegardwikeby · CEO @ WiMake Solutions
I used to work in this industry, first as driver for years, then as manager for a few years, onwards to the next rank before I jumped off and started my own digital business. I know everything there is about managing loads, uncertainty, unpaid waiting time and logistical elements as billing and "simply" getting paid in time. This is Uber revolutionising th… See more