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This cool platform lets you get estimates for different fares with Uber online. It updates in realtime to account for surging. They also have some cool stats: http://uberestimate.com/stats/ e.g. the top places that had surge in the last 24 hours. Currently it's saying "490% in Maryland 18 hours ago". It could definitely have been interesting to see how high the top surges got on New Year's Eve.
The stats are interesting (if accurate) I'd just get an estimate from the Uber app, maybe this is more for planning trips in the future.
@bentossell I find this easier than the app - getting fare estimates between different Uber categories is far, far easier here. And I also get to see how long the ride might take, as well as mileage.
@vectormein yeh maybe I just don't compare prices that often. I guess as a guest in USA I just accept the fare regardless... usually I need to get from X to Y but I'm not going to then figure out alternative routes if my Uber is a little pricey. I'm the kind of person to just pay for the convenience
@bentossell Ah, makes sense. Here in Delhi, we've got UberGO which also serves up as a carpooling option, so sometimes it feels like a good idea to compare fares, see if a standalone ride with uberX is a better deal than pooling in with other folks.
@bentossell yeah I was wondering about the usefulness of this, as there is literally a button in the app that lets you get an estimate in one step.
The uber app doing this type of comments are unexpected on PH. If I'm at my desk and want to check a fare for a journey, picking up my phone, unlocking it, opening uber app, waiting for it to load, plug in the 2 distances etc... Things in life can be quicker, easier and more accessible by some other method. Look at um... Uber. Either the commenters didn't open it or saw the UI was clunky and thought it can't solve a problem well...
Lets try out http://uberestimate.org for real time Uber Fare Estimate and Surge pricing as well as get the all cities by stats.
Awesome web app! /stats page is interesting. Would love to see some charts + quantitative data though
Uber app already does this.
@sarahbuhr doesn't as a desktop interface. the statistics are also really interesting, e.g. which zip codes had the most price surges in the last week: http://uberestimate.com/stats/