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@chrismessina Is it true that when Uber offers a promotion like "All rides in Brooklyn $5 this weekend" that Uber just pays the drivers less? I assumed Uber would pay the drivers the same amount and subsidize the difference as Lyft does, but our driver last month told us that when Uber run promotions like that it simply pays drivers less -- so in effect, when Uber corporate decides to run a promotion it's extracting value from the drivers. Is this true? I went from feeling stoked about a cheap ride subsidized by VC cash to feeling shitty about my ride being cheap on the back of my already economically disadvantaged driver.
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@anthonyadams How is that relevant to this app? @chrismessina
@zappe Really? This app is targeted at recruiting drivers into Uber, my question is directly related to the user experience of *being* a driver, the user experience of being a customer and the underlying business & marketing of Uber.
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@anthonyadams Nah, it's not really for recruiting. Also a developer would probably not answer that kind of questions.
@zappe It is most certainly designed to make it easier for drivers and new drivers to get on board, so yes, that falls under the category of recruiting. I'd be surprised if an intelligent developer was less aware of Uber's business model than I was -- it certainly ought to concern someone how what they create is being used by the company that pays them.
@anthonyadams Nah, they are already recruited. Maybe aware of, but probably won't discuss it with you here. I suggest https://help.uber.com/ if you really are interested in the answer
The Uber Driver app is now available and featured in the App Store. Same app for driver-partners as before, but finally as a standalone app that anyone can download! One thing you may not know: if you drive for Uber you get ad-free Pandora through the app!
@chrismessina will this make the normal Uber app take up less space now, if the driver features are moved off to a separate app? I only noticed recently that the Uber app takes a fair amount more space than the Lyft app (probably because it has Uber Eats etc, but still)
@_jacksmith @chrismessina Uber Eats already is a seperate app
@_jacksmith nope. The Uber Driver app was a stand-alone app before but to get it you had to install an enterprise provisioning profile. This just makes it so you can download the app from the App Store. This isn't extracting the driver functionality from the main Uber app.
Be your own boss but with Uber, they need you win money for them.
Even if you download this app just to drive Uber for fun, make sure you don't take it as a profession. The stories I have heard from Uber drivers in regards to the treatment of their drivers is despicable. It's a zero-sum game for the drivers to drive fulltime because of the way the app sets the price vs driver's cost. It's mind boggling that uber is still getting away with price-fixing law. While I admire the technology uber uses, their business model is a sham.