uBar 4

The Dock replacement for the Mac.

uBar 4 is the Dock replacement for the Mac. It can be configured as a dock, task bar, or anything in between. Boost your productivity with the most advanced and versatile app and window manager for the Mac.

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For when you want Windows but are stuck with a crummy Mac.
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@chrismessina but with uBar, the Mac is not crummy:)
@chrismessina I had the same exact though!
This is fantastic. That bottom bit of my mac screen is basically useless because of the dock, this makes much better use of the space. Thanks!
@arlogilbert You could just auto-hide it. The bottom of my screen isn't useless.
@arlogilbert @_jacurtis All screen bottoms are perfect in the eyes of your videocard.
@josefrichter *looks both ways* set your uBar to blue and fiddle with a few options, and you can get close!
As if they tried to copy the great Windows task bar that fixes the failure of the Mac dock. Update - It has failures at version 4... You can not choose between showing icon only and icon and app label. Also you cannot rearrange the apps in the task bar. Also has 4 sizes instead of a size slider. It needs to be just like Windows where you can place icons anywhere and when they open they extend. With Ubar if you favorite the app it never expands and all the functionality advertised disappears???
@androidlove Hi Carlos, You can use the "Show Titles" checkbox to toggle showing Icons or Icons+Titles under Preferences>General. You can rearrange the apps in Preferences>Apps. And you are correct that there are 4 size settings, but you can drag the edge to expand uBar up to 5 rows. Favourited apps stay where they are in uBar, but you can see their title by hovering over them.
@edwardbrawer What made you build this app? How is it different from he previous version? How is better than other products that are similar?
@jacqvon Hi Jacqueline, I built uBar because the Apple Dock, while simple and easy to use, really is limited in terms of functionality. It isn't that different than it was in 2001. uBar has a lot of features found on other platforms (e.g. the Windows Taskbar), but far more on top of that. uBar 2 was featured on Product Hunt 3 years ago, and there's been a lot of added features and refinement since then. It has App Flashes (equivalent of bounce-notifications), App Progress (shows you how far along you are in iTunes/VLC/MPlayerX, Spotify) can be placed on any side of the screen, pinned in any and all directions, has fluid animation, Active Favorites, multiple monitor support (you can have a bar on every screen), and a lot more. The release notes on the website will give you an idea of just how much work has gone into making uBar 4 the absolute best dock replacement on the Mac. The best thing is that many of the changes come from user suggestions, who are always credited in the release notes!
@jacqvon @edwardbrawer There really isn’t an equivalent to uBar in any other app, is there? I don’t know of any “products that are similar.” Also, is there a uBar 3 upgrade discount? ;)
@jacqvon @andym_dc Hi Andrew, there's a 50% upgrade discount for uBar 3 users.
@edwardbrawer Hi Edward. You have a great product, but as someone who jumped on the bandwagon at uBar 2 and would like to stay on, I'm finding this higher price point to be deterring. Logging in and having my current uBar3 buggy is frustrating and the 50% discount is almost what I paid the first time around.