Tyto Ecology: Cretaceous Mongolia is an expansion pack to Tyto Ecology where you learn about ecology while building your own ecosystem. Whether the biodome flourishes or everything dies is up to you!

This expansion adds 28 species of plants and animals, dinosaurs and early mammals, from the Gobi Desert of Mongolia during the Cretaceous era!

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Lindsey and her team have been putting every ounce of creativity and passion they have into building an immersive learning environment over the last few years and I'm really impressed with what they've shipped with this expansion. Great stuff, keep it up!
Hello, Product Hunters! We're thrilled to launch our first dinosaur expansion pack to Tyto Ecology today. Tyto Ecology is a game where you build and create your own ecosystem from scratch. Whether the ecosystem lives and flourishes or dies is up to you, and your science skills! When we first launched, it was all modern-day ecosystems, but we've had a LOT of requests for an ecosystem from prehistoric times. Our company is about creating fun educational games, and the gameplay is about learning how to balance an ecosystem in order to understand core life science principles around the flow of matter, trophic levels, and more. Happy to answer any questions the community has, or just talk more with people about our educational goals in providing a real gaming experience based on mastering ecology. :)
We also have a developer live stream going on right now (~3:20 EST) if anyone wants to pop in to ask questions and talk with some of our team! https://gaming.youtube.com/watch...