Typora will give you a seamless experience as both a reader and a writer. It removes the preview window, mode switcher, syntax symbols of markdown source code, and all other unnecessary distractions.
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This is probably one of the coolest text editors I've ever seen 🙌🏼. How are you planning to price it when it comes out of beta?
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Is Typora out of beta yet? I hunted this 4 years ago and I sincerely hope it will get an official 1.0 release one day. I lost count of all betas released in these last four years. https://www.producthunt.com/post...
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@t55 It's apparently at at the moment 😬
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I always hated those split-screen MD editors.


Best "offline" markdown editor ever.


Would like to pay for the product soon.

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I love Typora! 🔥 I use it less since I switched to Notion but it’s my favorite text editor and markdown editor
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@mrcalexandre What's better about Notion than Typora? I'm currently using Typora and always curious what's better out there.
I wish they'd add collaboration features, like comments. Otherwise, it's amazing.
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