Typography Resources

List of resources to buy, learn and acknowledge typography

Curated directory of resources to buy, learn and acknowledge great typography. Feel free to suggest a resource or provide your feedback.
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In 2014 I posted a list of typography-related resources on my website. A lot of designers really appreciated it and sent me their suggestions. I put it out on @airtable and waited for the list to have enough resources. Last Tuesday, I got my 100th suggestion and I decided I will build a quick directory website using these amazing resources over the weekend. I started with refining the list, remove dead links, provide one-line descriptions, find related thumbnails for each link and categorize them. I wanted a quick way to make a website out of my @airtable list, I looked for some services and found this lifesaver called Table2Site by @poehah. I spent my entire weekend building it and Voila! It's Alive! ๐ŸŽ‰ Oh, I also used Ouch! by @visualpharm for the banner illustrations, they have a gorgeous collection and I just had to subscribe. I would love if you guys could add more to the list and provide me your feedback. I love creating small products and it was an absolute delight to work on TypographyResources.com hope it helps!
@amritpaldesign Hey Amrit! Great job with Typography Resources, it's super useful. Also, I love the illustrations in the header ๐Ÿ’•(and super smart of you to have a link to your portfolio in the header, you've got some nice work in there!)
@syswarren Thank you so much, I am glad it's helpful! :) I love product hunt keep up the great work. ๐ŸŽ‰