Typographic Project

Offers inspiration for using Google’s font library

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@hopkinschris Thanks so much for submitting this! It's my first of 25x52—25 projects in 52 weeks. *Gulp*
Congratulations @femmebot. You have exquisite taste.
@MarcEglon thank you! very kind of you, marc!
So many fonts available through Google Web Fonts but pairing is still difficult to do well. This is an ongoing project that is looking to make it easier to match these fonts up!
@hopkinschris Really nice project, I did this time ago: http://www.bestwebfonts.com/ it might be handy to check google web fonts easily and create more pairings.
This is a great project! Thanks @femmebot !
@mave99a aww thanks!
Awesome idea - I struggle picking fonts every time