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After watching Halt and Catch Fire this season I can say unequivocally that Cameron Howe needs this site to exist 30 years ago.
@robotracer Since you posted this I have watched all of season 1. I feel like its difficult to find someone <30 who still types with their index fingers. I don't even know why they make her type just have her pretend to type AGHHHHHH so frustrating AGHHHHH AGHHH
Thanks, I need to work on this...only thing i would say is there should be an autocorrect when whitespace is syntactically insignificant, as I feel like some people have different muscle memory for certain things which will cause them to make repeated errors.
Not that useful for Objective-C, anyone with Xcode knows that at least half your code is autocompleted.
This is awesome! Would be cool to include some Vim and Emacs bindings as well.
I need tab completion... >.< haha