Keep track of the things you've done.

Hi, I'm Andre, a 14 years old maker from Jakarta.

I've always asked one thing to myself every night, what have I done today?

I could only remember 4-6 things that I've done, but I know that there's more that I've done that day.

Since there isn't one simple tool to do it, I decided to created my own, in less than 2 days.

Anyway, Bye πŸ‘‹!

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Nice story @caxvis :) How did you learn to code? Also, are you working on anything else? πŸ˜„
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@amrith The story of how I learn to code is is a very long story, the conclusion is that I look up tutorials over the internet (all free, a bit hard to find though) and competed in a lot of hackathons, those events help me improve my coding skills. And yes, I'm currently working on two products, the first one is an indie product and and the second one is an early-stage startup.
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Hey Andre. 14 years old, wow! I really like the app it's simple enough to do the job :) Keep on making great products!
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@briandito Thank's for stopping by!
Love the concept, I came up with a symilar idea recently. It would be nice to see what happens to our completed items down the road. Do they disappear at the end of each day or persist over time? Hard to tell from looking first looking at the webapp.
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@golear The idea is that the user would click the `Tasks` red text every day, so they would manually clear them. I am though planning to do it automatically instead, but still busy with school. Thanks for stopping by!