Typewrite Something

A minimalistic typewriter simulator

#4 Product of the DayJanuary 18, 2019

Typewrite Something is a web app that simulates a typewriter.

Shay Shafranek
Maks Koseda
Ruby Keaton
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  • Maks Koseda
    Maks Koseda16yo maker from Poland 🚀

    Quirky and fun



    I see how some people miss backspace but this is exactly what makes it stand out; have that "feel" to it

    Maks Koseda has used this product for one day.
Awesome product! As a digital marketer, I'd love to be able to export the content in different sizes and publish it to social accounts 👍
Can we have a tip-ex option to make it even more real? :)
Really Amazing ! The only thing as a writer I would've liked and hoped to see is a way to edit text after you've written it , because would've loved to use this to write my books , however as this function is not available will unfortuneatly not be able to switch from tablo :( but if you add this function I think you will have alot of proffessional writers being switching also :) Great product tho for just writing small quotes or comments tho :) ! Great job !
Hah it's really cool, but it would be great if you do some export feature 🚀
Great app! I'd add some randomness to < > moves, but it's already great. Looks really natural
The type is fixed width due to the mechanical nature of the machine, so adding variance there would be really unrealistic!