Typewise Keyboard

No more typos on your smartphone

#5 Product of the DayOctober 13, 2019
Get rid of annoying typos with Typewise, the keyboard specifically designed for smartphones.
70% larger keys than on the outdated typewriter layout reduce typos by over 80%. Simply swipe to delete/restore or tap to modify corrections.
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22 Reviews5.0/5
Hey PH guys, I’m David and together with @janis_berneker we are the co-founders of Typewise. Our vision is to make it simple and natural to interact with our beloved gadgets. The keyboard is the most used interface, but it hasn’t really changed since it was designed for the typewriter over 140 years ago. While this is fine for ten-finger typing, for us it simply doesn’t work well on a small touch screen. That’s why we designed a keyboard specifically for smartphones, with larger keys that are easy to hit, and swipe gestures that make use of the possibilities of touch screens. What’s the result? Mainly a lot less (approx. 80%) annoying typos (read more about this on Medium, including results from a large-scale scientific study: https://uxdesign.cc/why-we-strug...). A few things we think are cool (and are not on the screenshots): - When you modify an autocorrection, Typewise learns from that - Typewise looks at where exactly you hit the keys, and optimizes in the background - No need to switch between your selected languages - Long press on space to move the cursor - You can pretty much customize anything - We have an awesome community that is very welcoming to new joiners 🤗 Right now we’re in public beta and by registering I’ll add you on TestFlight / Google Play asap! We’d love to get your feedback and happy to answer any questions 🙏 Cheers, David
I've been using beta versions of this product for more than 6 months now and saw it getting better and better. Very dedicated and responsive developer crew🥰. It does take some initial training but is worth every minute of it!
@peter_berwert great to see you're lovin' it :-) always here to hear your feedback and ideas, and trying to make the best of it!
It is the best typing experience that I have ever had
@kio_milenium thanks Kio, appreciate your continuous feedback on all our releases :)
Amazingly effective and efficient typing! Love it!
@ahilti thanks for your feedback and super guidance Adrian!
Awesome app, works well for both English and Spanish 🤩
@marisol_eberle thanks for the feedback, highly appreciated!