Interactive storytelling with your friends

TypeTail - 'The Youtube for stories'

TypeTail is a market place for users to create and consume stories on the go.

With TypeTail, we have introduced a new format for reading, writing and publishing stories that is <mobile, social> and relevant to the current generation of mobile users.

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I love this idea – super engaging.
@littlebits Thank you. We really appreciate it. Hope you love using our product too. Cheers.
This is amazing. I already have so many stories to tell. Waiting for your android version to be out soon!
@venkatesh3007 , thanks a lot. We really appreciate it. We are looking forward to seeing your stories soon. We strongly believe that every individual has a lot of stories in them. There is a need for a right platform to showcase that. We are trying to fill that very void. Our android version is in beta testing now. We will reach out to you as soon as we are live. Please do follow our social media accounts for future updates. Once again thank you for your support.
Hello everyone! I am Monish, co-founder of TypeTail. This is our first product on ProductHunt. We are extremely thrilled to be here. We are launching our iOS App today, exclusively on Product Hunt. We're looking to launch our Android version in about 2 weeks. So, what is TypeTail? TypeTail is a new age platform for story writing where you and your friends can knock yourselves out at creating, spinning, and weaving tales together. We worked on creating an app that turns storytelling into an activity that our generation can engage in, without it having to be overly time-consuming, in a way that would be accessible, relevant to this age and time, and just plain fun. You can redefine plot lines and create tales on the go, in the chat format that you use everyday and are most comfortable with. No more boring white papers and never experience a writer’s block again. It’s the perfect way to collaborate with your friends and create stories. Get as creative as you can. Who knows, your friend may just introduce aliens or Mojo Jojo into a historic war story. So wear your storyteller hat and engage in an exciting, creative and super fun game of storytelling. Why we did it : Storytelling has been an intruistic characteristic of human history throughout time. The art of storytelling always remained consistent, but the format through which stories were told has been constantly changing. Stories used to be passed on in the format of cave paintings, after which they were orally passed on, and then came storytelling through the written script, which brought with it the abundance of printed books. Recently, e-books have been taking the world by a storm. We wanted to introduce yet another format into the world of creative, expressive storytelling - interactive storytelling in the format of a chat. Our vision is to change the way stories are narrated, and to combine storytelling with the technology we have available today. When we were younger, we engaged in reading books on a regular basis. But, do we really have the time to sit down and read books that often anymore? We, at TypeTail, believe storytelling through this format of a chat is perfect for the people in today's world. This type of storytelling could be engaged in when you're standing in a queue, or even when you're commuting or hanging out with your friends. Storytelling enables us to stay in touch with the creative side that we explored much more as children. This platform can be used to write fiction, non-fiction, something that's private to you or even as simple as a Twitter thread on a topic of your choice. We have a ton of new, never seen before, exciting features planned for the future. We seek the support of the Product Hunt community to help this app be the best it can be. We welcome your feedback and suggestions as it would help us understand better the areas we can improve in. We will he here through the day to answer any questions you might have. We had fun making and using TypeTail and we feel passionately about storytelling. We hope you enjoy the app as much as we do. Feel free to invite your friends and play! Happy tailing!
When I was really young my dad and I would email each other parts of stories, adding to it bit by bit. It's one of my fav childhood memories. Great app idea! Looking forward to playing around with it.
@gabbie_c That is so sweet. Storytelling is so much more fun when you play with loved ones right? There is a lot of emotional connect and it reflects in the story. We are so excited to know that you like our idea. Hope you like using our product too. Please do give us feedback and suggestions for improvement. Thanks a lot for your support.
@prabhakar_thota, we are working really hard to get our android version up. It is in beta right now. We are planning to the launch the app in a week or two. Please do stay tuned. We really hope you like our product. Thanks for the support.
@monish_rajendran, great. Loved this concept. All the best.
@prabhakar_thota, Thank you very much. We really appreciate it.