Keyboard that types for you. Text snippets for iOS.

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Custom keyboard that puts a list of snippets (the stuff u say often) one tap away.
@jtriest Apple allows you to do the same using Keyboard shortcuts. Settings->General->Keyboard->shortcuts. One thing I hate about shortcuts is they have small text field for word/phrase entry. So its hard to see what you have typed for things like email templates, Address, hashtags in shortcuts. TypeSnippets could be useful in such cases. Also checkout http://www.oftentype.com/ and http://www.bytesizeapps.net/word...
@kwdinc Unfortunately Apple's shortcuts require remembering acronyms/mnemonics to activate them and are inserted accidentally at times. We hope TypeSnippets is a much better experience than these.
We've been having a great roll out with TypeSnippets. We'd love to hear your feedback on the app!
This is great! I was just looking for this exact thing earlier this week. I have a bunch of common responses to comments on our social channels that I was typing over and over again.