Increase your typing speed in a socialized way

Typelor is a new typeracing site with better UI/UX | Increase your typing speed in a socialized way

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Love the interface the mechanics. To extend it further, would be good to have a more useful summary at the end of a multi-player test, which shows how much you earned/lost, ability to rematch, share result on social media, etc.
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@robinmitra Thanks for your Feedback I will upgrade it, soon you will able to play with Ghost Mode and you will able to practice your Mistake words.
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@robinmitra @vignestion Ghost mode will be great
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Hey @vignestion! First off, this is simply beautiful! I've had quite a few races already. The only thing that I find difficult is a post "game" navigation. If I want to do another practice or competition I have to click typelor in the top left corner and then click on the version I want. It would be nice to have a button to play another round or "change mode"


Beautiful UI.


Hard to navigate

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@vivalldi98 Thanks for your Review Soon I will fix that and make a shortcut for a new race and again thanks for your review.
Hi everyone! 👋 After over 3 months of work, I'm very happy to announce the launch of Typelor, a platform to increase your typing speed in a socialized way. Features Practice Typing with your own Text Group Typing test Practice Test MultiPlayer test (Play with your reputation) Reputation Management Feel free to leave feedback as I plan to further improve the site
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After having used http://play.typeracer.com/ for years, this is a pleasant visual enhancement. Goodluck! :)
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@arunsathiya Thank You for your FeedBack it means a lot to me
Wow, bad timing on the quote used in your screenshot... Wow, and it's on your homepage too. Following the recent Florida school shooting, NRA boycott and huge media negativity surrounding guns, I would highly recommend an alternative quote on your homepage!
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@productpearson OMG I am sorry I will definitely change that.