Gmail shared contacts, done right

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it's crazy that Google Apps/Gmail doesn't have a built in solution to share contacts across accounts (e.g. amongst colleagues). typeless seems like a simple and effortless solution to this. Not sure how they intend to sustain themselves though, given it's entirely free.
@_jacksmith Thanks for sharing us on Producthunt !! We are adding more cool features which makes contact management a delight. We are launching Typeless for Teams with more Contact API integrations, which will be our way to monetize.
Hi A scenario, you are getting your house furnished, your wife keeps calling that she needs carpenter's number to follow up. She needs builder's number. You need your uncle's email from your dad. Here is the solution: A simple contact app with chrome extension, and a promise to deliver Android and Iphone App soon. You can connect LinkedIn, Google and Facebook accounts and invite your best buddy or family members to collaborate I am Co-Founder & CTO at Typeless. Please shoot me anything at alok@typeless.co or tweet @alokic.
Have been trying for a good solution for a long while now. I don't understand why it needs to install a Chrome extension or Android client ?
@digitalbase I don't know that it does. Those seem optional addons
@digitalbase thanks for showing interest into Typeless. We want users of Typeless to access their contacts where it matters the most. For example, if you want to send an email from Gmail, we offer the suggestion of all accessible contacts in your Typeless contact book right at the "To", "Cc", "Bcc" of Gmail compose. We intend to do the same on Android and Iphone platforms when it comes to calling/messaging.
@digitalbase @_jacksmith Yes you are right, add ons are optional whole feature set can directly be accessible on https://www.typeless.co domain.
Why is it called Typeless?
@shimmb - good question: the answer is that we want you to "type less" when managing and sharing your contacts. No one likes manual data entry. It is both error-prone and tedious. Our vision ultimately is for you to be able to seamlessly acquire, organise and share contacts across an unlimited number of devices and apps without ever actually having to type in a contact ever again. Hope this helps.
Guys, where are the contacts stored ? and what security measures are in place to secure peoples contacts that use Typless ?
@djsenior13 Hi David, I am Michael, Typeless CEO/Co-founder. Great question. Security is very important for us, therefore we are storing all contacts on enterprise-grade data centers that have strong security accreditations (both infrastructure and DB). All communication is SSL encrypted and we are also ICO registered. We spend a lot of time looking at vulnerabilities of individual components of typeless. Email me michael{at}typeless.co if you need more details.