A publishing platform where you can read & share articles

A publishing platform where you can read & share stories that you want on subjects you care most about.
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Hey guys, i decided to create a publishing platform for everyone. If you love to blog then you can write articles on any subject from Tech , art , design or travelling its up to you ! if you already own a blog you can log in and import your blog article straight into Typefuse and it will add a canonical link and show link at bottom for readers to check out your site :) , We are ad-free , paywall free and aimed at creating a friendly community. We plan on adding search in shortly and have recently come out of beta. If you have any questions , feedback or problems don't hesitate to ask.
@iice89 Congrats on the launch! Can't wait to see how it goes from here :D I will check it out and come back to you with feedback and few questions :)
Looks great, but I'm wondering what is the key differentiator between this and Medium?
@hihilart The best differentiator: "ad-free , paywall free"
I like the idea and execution. Very interested to see if you can get to satisfying growth metrics to sustain this product. Network effect driven products are cool but ask for a lot from its makers.
@bnjmnlbr yeh its going to be a challenge
Congrats! I've been thinking recently that Medium writers are leaving and several other publications. Good luck, I'm also working on a network effect driven product so happy to share resources I've been gathering !
and that there should be a clear alternative to Medium and this could be it!
congratulations for the launch!