Analyse all your survey data along side other feedback sources. Quantify your qualitative data and turn it into product insights

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Nicolas Grenié
Developer Advocate, Typeform
Gathering customer feedback is an important part in the life of product. Entrepreneurs use tools like Typeform (😇), Intercom or Zendesk to engage customers in honest conversations about what they like and dislike about your product. All those customer feedbacks from that many sources could be confusing 🤯 NomNom is the perfect tool to have an aggregation of customer feedback coming from many services. 🎉And they just built an integration that allows you to consolidate Typeform responses alongside feedback from other customer communication systems for the purposes of doing in-depth customer research. One concrete example on how you could use it: Let’s say you use Intercom live chat and Zendesk for certain support issues - NomNom brings your communication from these sources - as well as Typeform - together in one place, making it far easier to recognize themes, trends, and insights across all of your feedback. This in turn helps you make informed product decisions that ultimately lead to building best in class customer experiences. Hope you like it 😄
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Sofia Quintero
Founder and CEO EnjoyHQ
Big thanks to @picsoung for hunting us today 🙌 We are very excited about this new integration with Typeform. More and more product teams are looking for ways to better understand their customers and Typeform enable them gather feedback in a very intuitively way. This Integration will help you make the most of that data. You can quantify responses, collaborate on research findings and share insigths easily. We look forward to hearing your feedback. Give it go! 🤜🤛
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