Use your Mac's keyboard on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV

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As far as iOS is concerned, How is this better from native bluetooth keyboard support (https://support.apple.com/en-us/...) ?
@rdardour First of all, Typeeto enables use of any keyboard attached to Mac as a Bluetooth keyboard for other devices. At the moment we are working on adding Copy/Paste options.
I have been using 1Keyboard up to now - which works great and is quite a bit cheaper - how does Typeeto compare?
@michael_bloch Typeeto provides fast and durable connection. There’s not much to compare, besides fresh design and flawless support team, Typeeto simply works, and btw we have cool animation ;)
paid apps is a bad idea to show on product hunt it have to be marked. i will never paid upfront while i will see that everything will work fine
@alexvinogradov4 We will add a free version in the future updates.
@uvallie - does this work with new AppleTV Gen 4? Looks like it stopped supporting remote app and normal bluetooth keyboards