A different approach to generating type scales

A type scale generator based on an alternative approach to the popular modular or line-height based scales.
The approach is called "Golden thread" — as named by Lahel Babos, the author of the article ( https://bit.ly/2ZNWTS0 ) that inspired this tool.
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4 Reviews5.0/5
@ laurip Thank you for the review, I'm glad to see people enjoy my little project!
Looking good 👍 keep up the good work, hoping for more products to come.
@iamgeorgiastan Thank you! For sure there's more to come!
As a web developer, this is SO COOL! Would definitely save me time before I start design implementation on my smaller projects. I typically look to Google Fonts for my typography decision-making so I look forward to your plan to offer previews of other fonts.
@jules_parra Hi Jules, thank you for taking the time to write feedback. Font previews will be the next thing coming as I think this is the most helpful feature I could add at the moment. Cheers, Alex
I'm extremely happy to see my first small project gain a bit of momentum. I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to check it out. I'd like to share what I have on the roadmap right now, as well as ask everyone what features they would find useful. So, this is what I have planned: 1. Add the option to choose different fonts for the scale preview. Most likely based on Google Fonts. 2. Add the option to save your generated scales for later access. Probably something like a unique link that you can access at any time and also share with others. 3. Add a public gallery where people can share what they generate, including both the scale and the fonts they used. What else would be a nice feature? I'd love to hear as many suggestions as possible. Cheers, Alex