A Mac utility to help designers preview & compare fonts

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Hi Product Hunters! I made TypeCase because I needed a better way to preview and compare fonts that I had on my Hard Drive but hadn't yet installed. As a designer you pick up tonnes of fonts during your working life – not all of which you want cluttering up your system or your font panels. There are of course some great font management tools out there for when you're ready to install and manage fonts – but this tool helps you find the fonts you actually want to install without any overhead. So if you get sent a pile of fonts or download a huge font pack, TypeCase helps you preview and find the ones you love. TypeCase also lets you compare multiple fonts together which is another massive headache for designers. So when you're hunting for that perfect typeface for a piece of work, you can check out a huge stack of options with just a click of your mouse. And when you're done finding that perfect set of fonts – simply export a PDF type specimen / style guide to hand off to your team or client.
@aexmo, can you share that desktop wallpaper with us? 😁
This is gonna help.
Its an old favourite of mine - found it on deviant art waaaay back - check it out! http://www.deviantart.com/art/No...
Great job!
I was just thinking the other day "Hmm i could really use a better font viewer" and bam! here it is! This is great product! Just one suggestion instead of hiding away the placeholder text in the preferences, you should add a searchbar type functionality to change the place holder text.