Type Foundry Index

Making type foundries easy to find.

Type Foundry Index makes make digital typography more accessible by showcasing foundries and designers.

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Nice work @markjohnsoncc it was fun to work on this with you. Who do you think would enjoy this stuff the most? Type nerds? Product designers?
@thomasdrach Likewise bud! I'd guess type nerds, product designers, graphic designers, people who like clicking links, and anyone who is interested in typography, but is a bit intimidated by entering a type marketplace.
So great! I never know where start when looking to see a bunch of foundries. This is a great - start!

This is fresh. I wonder what other information could be added to make navigating this list less “aimless”. The free trial is a nice anchor, but is there any other information which could be added to make navigation more helpful? Maybe the date the foundry was established? Maybe the “vibe” of the foundries colllections? Maybe a short bio on the foundry?

I’m not sure—just thinking about things which might help steer navigating this index.

Great stuff. Great work. Golf clap. 👏👏👏


Great aggregation of type foundries. The inclusion of whether each foundry offers a free trial or not is a nice touch :)


this site doesn’t help me pirate fonts 😈

I think one feature you can add is "Top Typefaces", which maybe you or whoever suggested the foundry can handpick. I found myself clicking the links multiple times to see some of the typefaces they offer.
@aahlfeeyann thank for the feedback! Do you think you'd want that to change over time? What defines top?
@markjohnsoncc I think what defines top are the typeface(s) that have been seen regularly used across the web. For example, for Lineto it could be Circular/Akkurat. Just my thoughts!