#5 Product of the DayMay 08, 2015
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Introducing the Product Hunt beat.
Hey thanks everybody! Li'l easter egg for ya: wrap letters in parentheses to create triplets.
@kylestetz Nice! Also, is it by design that if you have a beat going, AND you open another tab on your browser (Chrome), you hear your beat change up?
@kenychang nope, that's a bug. Timing in Javascript doesn't work so well when the browser tab is inactive, so it causes the notes to fire less frequently. Though I guess it's not the must unpleasant bug in the world...!
@kylestetz I ain't mad at it; lets just call it, 'unintended functionality'. Ha!
Letters are beats. Numbers & spaces are breaks/rests.
This is so much fun. It would be sweet if new lines would run in parallel.
@mikerice that is a great idea. Tossing it on the list of wacky things to try.
This is so much fun. I'm in love :)