Tyme 2

Time tracking made easy.

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Hi Lars, Could you speek little about the major feature updates in Tyme 2.
Nice! Hope there's trial version soon!
@t55 The trial is there: http://tyme-app.com/try-tyme/ Happy tracking! ;)
A trial will follow the next days, promised :) We've collected feedback over the last years and built in all the features we (and our users) wanted to have. So this release is kind of a big wishlist: - Multiple timers - Bigger hierarchy: Clients, Projects, Tasks, Subtasks - Mileage tracking - Fixed costs tracking - Better Cloud sync (The sync is using Apples CloudKit and Dropbox now) - A global search - Keeping track of already billed periods - iCal sync - Reminder (Forgot to start a timer, over budget, etc.) One of the key factors that is different in Tyme as with other time trackers is the statistics. We've spent quite some time to squeeze some interesting numbers about your recorded times. You can analyze your workload, how many breaks you take, your average working times, over times and many more things. We all know, time tracking is a pain, but with Tyme it gets interesting and "more" fun... There is also an iOS app which has the same functionality as the Mac app. Plus it has geofencing for tasks. So a timer can start automatically, when you enter a location. Also mileage tracking via GPS is possible.
Loving the features and the ui. But without a trial it will be hard for me to cough up 15 bucks for a time tracking app!
Oooh, pretty!