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If we don't deserve your upvote, please tell us why here! We want to know, and we can take it ... so don't be shy. ;-) ------------------------------ Hey Everyone, Our platform provides a new way for consumers and businesses to communicate and express themselves with stunning one-pagers designed, built and published in seconds from the content they drop. In our eyes, the process of publishing content on the Web hasn't changed a bit for the past 2 decades. 1) select template or style 2) place content in the boxes 3) good luck, and if it doesn't work, start over. It's time for a change. Our mission is to build AI-powered technology to simplify and automate the process of publishing Web pages. We aim for the simplicity and speed of social network, with the power and beauty of HTML, at a fraction of legacy costs. Simple as a tweet/pin, rich as a WordPress … we call them “tyls”. Our vision … our dream really ... is a world where contextualized Web publishing truly is accessible to all, capable of relaying and capturing human emotions through media-rich online experiences. The road is obviously going to be long, but it starts today, with your help and feedback … so looking forward to talk/chat with you ! Anyone can tyl.
I've spoken a ton with @golojap and @nathlays about Tylio (we met in Montréal earlier this year), and tested it out while it's been in beta. Super interesting way to share content with people, without having to share files. It's like storytelling with your content, but without the effort.
@jakeapeters Thank you for all the discussions we've had since our first meeting in Montreal. Your comments/insights have always been a great source of improvement for Tylio. Much appreciated :)
@jakeapeters @nathlays Thanks Jake ! Just want to clarify something ... we are still in Beta, hey ;-) ... a ton more cool FREE and PAID features are coming this summer. Our AI embryo tech is getting better everyday, but still many bugs, and a lot of room for enhancements ... so we really want as much feedback as possible from the community with what we have today.
Seems cool. But can I get my own custom domain attached to it?
@kkkosariya Thanks! Custom urls will definitely be one of our next features. Been asked from a lot of users already, we'll make it happen as soon as we can :)
just made a try... took me 5 minutes and the result is better than i expected... check it yourself https://tyl.io/ocGm
@alexisamelot Thanks for trying it out! Your tyl looks really nice :) Feel free to reach out if you have any comments/suggestions.
@nathlays @golojap great work, your solution is perfect for all my photographer friends. All our marketing team will use it for our next events.
@loicbisiere @nathlays Thanks a lot for your support LoÏc !