Try Google Fonts blazingly fast

Tyffle is a tool that lets you try Google Fonts super fast. It was built because the maker found it difficult to choose fonts from such a massive collection. This tool replaces the need to repeat the following steps: load fonts, change the code and then see how they look. You can even preview them later on after bookmarking.

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1 Review5.0/5
I want to like it, but “PRESS SPACEBAR TO CONTINUE” isn’t mobile friendly. (Ya, I know— we’re not developing sites while on mobile, but it’s super easy to detect and adapt for all use-cases) http://yum.sqr.fr/P26MzYy
@pixelmelter: Clicking on the text closes it. I have changed the text for mobile users in the latest update.
@chiragbhansali All good. It's daunting to cater to all visitors (even the picky designers with OCD — HAHA)
I see a lot of potential for this!