It's time to make text messaging easier

TxtSync specialises in providing SMS capabilities to individuals and businesses. Using our intuitive web-based product you will easily be able to set up SMS marketing campaigns, send out SMS in bulk, track response rates and monitor delivery reporting. TxtSync also provides an API which can be used to incorporate SMS into your existing products.

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How does @txtsync differ product-wise from the others out there (Sinch/Plivo/etc.)? What's unique about this product either now or planned for a future release?
@txtsync @angeloe Products like Plivo simply offer an API to send and receive SMS. Thats great if you have developers or experience with products like Zapier or Microsoft Flow on hand to add the SMS capability to your product stack. TxtSync not only offers an SMS API as standard but we have built a mechanism that will allow us to quickly roll out deep integrations into many cloud products - bypassing reliance on developers, Flow or Zapier. Our first integration is into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Straight out the box you can send and receive SMS against accounts contacts and leads. You can even trigger SMS from your automated workflows. Part of our roadmap is to start rolling out to other CRMs such as SalesForce, Zoho, Bullhorn, HubSpot etc.. What we are trying to do is make it very easy for anyone running a business to add SMS to their business workflows.