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Really slick integration with Stripe and SMS and solves a real pain point for non profits.
Thanks for featuring Txt2Give, Tom! Txt2Give was built for people like me who never carry cash :) Our mission is to make it quick and easy for people to support their church or favorite non-profit.
This is so great. I co-founded a "crowd funded charity" in Calgary called 100 Men Who Give A Damn and this will surely help. Any way to make giving an option easier is a good one. We operate on $0 budget so upper end pricing is a bit high for a non-profit, but the tech seems like a great service. We'll surely try it or either way and see how it goes.
@alexputici Glad you like it! I love the name of your charity, and the impact it has for local charities. We'd love to work with you, so please get in touch at hello@txt2give.it if you have any questions.