TxHash Blockchain as a Service

Cryptocurrency and smart contract event notifications

TxHash, Blockchain as a Service, is the easiest way to get notified about blockchain payments, transactions and smart contract events on your apps. Monitor and keep track of any address. Notify your services and APIs with a few clicks using webhooks, emails or IFTTT. Currently supporting Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Smart Contracts.

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Thanks for hunting us @micrv. We have been working very hard for several months to bring this product live after several iterations. Very excited to be on Product Hunt and happy to hear your thoughts or any questions from other hunters. We are already working with some blockchain startups, from simple applications such as registering transactions using on a Google Spreadsheet through IFTTT to more complex apps such as validate transactions for document signing or dApps that want to monitor smart contracts events. Look forward to see what the community builds with TxHash.com and happy to help you any time.
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Been using it for the last few weeks to integrate Ethereum blockchain events with Slack notifications


Easy to use, even for non technical users


Needs more apps, which will come in time

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Pleased to hunt this today after testing the IFTTT integration which works very well. I'm looking forward to what comes next for the team, as they aim to bring blockchain to mainstream apps
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Looks great! Quick question: I'd like to be notified if I receive various ERC-20 airdrop tokens to a single address. Is there a way to create a notification for this without specifying the individual token details?
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@campbellcapital Thanks! We are coding improvements to track internal events on smart contracts and track opcode level executions, this will allow us to do this and far more. We will announce when ready. For now explicit token transactions work fine.