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#5 Product of the DayJanuary 19, 2015
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Twtrland is a social intelligence platform, we help people use data to do smarter marketing. We provide monitoring and analytics for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, a unique influencer search engine that covers over 200M social accounts classified into 60,000 skills, and access to the deepest social profiles available.
Definitely some interesting data in the app. I found out who I have conversations with most, as well as my most popular tweets of all time, was interesting to see what types of content made it to to the top of my list.
@rywalker could you share a screenshot of your report?
@chrismessina here are a few screenshots
@chrismessina @rywalker Thanks for the feedback Ry and Chris. Happy to see you like the data. Note that you can view these profiles for just about anyone, by simply typing in the name at the top search box. Ry - I've just added Instagram to your profile, check it out:
@rywalker @chrismessina Hey Chris - you can check out your own profile here:
@fighto This is where I discovered the app :)
@fighto great post, awesome stuff in there Paul! Would love to show you around our Pro. How about a personal tour?
@fighto @erictwillis Turns out content marketing works :)
@guyavigdor Definitely. We're connected on LinkedIn now, so feel free to message me and set-up some time.
Visualizes your Twitter footprint so that you can discover new people, understand their impact and find better ways to connect with influencers.
Awesome product. Simple to use.
@misbahspeaks Thanks Misbah. Added Instagram to your profile, go check it out.