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Nicolas Van Hoorde
Co-Founder & CEO @ ∆ Delta
Eager to hear your feedback! We've worked long to completely build the iOS app from the ground up. The app has been built by a very small team so we're super proud to hear that users seem to love it! :) Twoo is mainly used as dating platform but some people just use it to have a chat or find new friends. Yes, it has the Tinder game in it, but it's far less superficial as we have a very nicely put together Search functionality where you can exactly find the people you're interested in. Near you, far away, whatever you please. Chatting is mostly free, but since you don't need to 'Match' to be able to chat to users, we do have some paywalls in there to both protect our users and of course, make some money as a company (let's not be hypocritical here). We still consider Twoo as a 'free' app, since you're perfectly capable to have a lot of chats and dates going, without needing to pay, ever. That's our new iOS app in a nutshell, comments are welcome. The app is 'responsive' so should work fine on all sizes from iPhone to iPad! :)
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Bas LeendersConsultant,
I never signed up for Twoo. (They used the email address from my Formspring signup.) And they kept sending me spam, even though I unsubscribed from any email updates. Apparently this is just how Twoo's operates: