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With Twodio you can send audio tweets. Just record your voice or any sound and send it. Your followers will hear it in their Twitter feeds.




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Angie@angeliquesocial · Founder of YourApparel
Hi @sudoloic, I tested the app and it works smoothly. Will it be possible to tag certain usernames before sending the audio? I know the purpose for the app is audio only but maybe I could get more engagement by adding a short text to the audio. Maybe you could add a link of Twodio with the Tweet in a future update because I know some people who would love to use it. I'll be playing around with the app, I love it so far! I'm curious to know what inspired you to build Twodio?
LoïcMaker@sudoloic · Developer
@angeliquesocial The text feature will be available in the next update! Thank you for the kind words!
LoïcMaker@sudoloic · Developer
Hey Product Hunt ! Have you ever dreamt of tweeting sounds? I have. So I created this little app to record your voice (or any sound) and to tweet it right away. I hope you like it !
Bolaji Teriba
Bolaji Teriba@profusehabits · Digital Strategist
@sudoloic dude, you’re the bees knees. One suggestion: feature to add photos? Would help with branding SO MUCH! Great start!
Alexander Spoor
Alexander Spoor@alexanderspoor · Founder of Uitgeverij Spoor
I love this idea. How does this look when it ends up on someone's Twitter timeline? Can it be played directly from within the "tweet" without opening a link to a webpage first?
LoïcMaker@sudoloic · Developer
@alexanderspoor here is how it looks on twitter (well.. sorry it is me speaking french)
Alexander Spoor
Alexander Spoor@alexanderspoor · Founder of Uitgeverij Spoor
@sudoloic Awesome, good to know! No idea what you're saying, but it looks good ;)
Paul Tomkinson
Paul Tomkinson@paultomkinson · Founder, Textras
Bravo! 👏
Krishna De
Krishna De@krishnade · Social business & live video strategist
@sudoloic What a great idea - I have added you to my curations and have a few questions as I think this will be a great tool for mobile journalists and marketing and comms professionals that I work with: - could the audio be created over an image so that the Tweet is visually more engaging? - I love that it works in-line on Twitter - will people be able to download the audio too from the app if they want to re-use it? Even as a video such as then posting the content as a native video upload on Facebook? - Have you plans to introduce AI for auto transcription too? - Would love to have the opportunity to add text and mention people in the Tweet to ensure there is a compelling reason people might listen to the audio
LoïcMaker@sudoloic · Developer
@krishnade Thank you for your comment ! Text feature will be available in the next update. I will look into your feature requests and keep you updated when released :)