Two Three Bricks

Customised LEGO caricatures to be used any way you want.

We created this site to deliver caricatures and avatars of people, imagining them as LEGO minifigures. The end product is purely digital, as it requires image editing and manipulation to have the end-result look closer to the intended recipients.
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Harris Lim
Co-Brick, Two Three Bricks
Hi all, I'm Harris, and have worked on Two Three Bricks with my then-girlfriend, now wife Stephanie. We launched Two Three Bricks a couple of years back, combining our shared love for Photography, LEGO and all things geeky. The end result is a world of endless imagination. Some of our favourite caricatures we've done for our customers include: • A woman dressed in Darth Vader's garb, force-choking her boyfriend • A company of 12 people in a wrestling ring, each with their own distinct costumes and props, like trash cans and sledgehammers (and a couple of luchadores!) • A family dressed in Hogwarts robes, practicing magic in the sunset We'd love to hear your feedback on our site and product as a whole! For fellow Product Hunt users, you can also use the code PRODUCTHUNT to get a 25% discount on your caricature!